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Ivelidzia Viera, Human Resources, Faneuil Inc (Orlando, FL)

“Mr. Johnson was exceptional at work! Bill is intelligent, dedicated, and very professional. It was a true pleasure not only to work with, but to know such an individual with such a great attitude and high level of respect for others. Bill always works hard and I enjoyed our intellectual conversations together.”

Cheri Gillett, Dir of Operations and T&D, PRC

“Bill Johnson is a highly valued employee in so many ways. He has very strong technical skills with a great balance and understanding of Operations and the key workings of a company. The result of these skills are his ability to create strong, immediate impact on results. Bill is dependable and value driven, and is a wonderful, well-rounded person who would be an asset to any firm.”

Jodi Lishinski, Director, Client Information Services, Hancock Information Group

“It is my pleasure to recommend Bill Johnson. Bill worked for me for over five years and I found him to be exceptionally reliable and thorough. As a database specialist Bill showed attention to detail and was able to work effectively in a fast paced, high pressure environment. He always brought his projects in on time and never missed a deadline. Bill would be an asset to any organization.”

Marjorie Clayton, Director Operations Performance, PRC

“It is my pleasure to recommend Bill Johnson as a detail-oriented analyst and data specialist. Our internal processes generated a huge amount of data and Bill was instrumental in helping my department analyze performance metrics and identify trends. It was also not unusual for me to seek his guidance in Excel and I appreciated the way he always sought to understand what I wanted to accomplish before recommending a specific approach or solution.”

David Twyford, Customer Service Representative, Faneuil Inc

“Bill's training talents combine vast knowledge, clear explanation, practical examples and the right amount of attention-keeping lightheartedness”

Ana Borja-Melendez, Customer Service Agent, Faneuil, Inc

“Bill is a detail oriented trainer who is professional, knowledgeable, and talented in his profession. It was a true pleasure working with him at Faneuil.”

Peter Stein, President, Stein Digital Media (formerly Web Genius)

"Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity, Detail Oriented, Honest, and Hard Working. Bill Johnson was a real asset to Web Genius Corp”

Madelene Cheney, Marketing Production Manager, Web Genius

“Bill was a great support to the entire team at Web Genius. He was very flexible and was willing to assist in and manage any area of the business. Bill’s diligence and attention to detail aided in overall client confidence, in turn creating additional areas of business for Web Genius. Bill has a wealth of knowledge and would be an asset to any organization.”

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