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To make a difference in a forward-thinking organization by utilizing my technical knowledge, people skills, and extensive professional experience.


Extensive computer literacy, including expert knowledge of T-SQL, Access, and Excel. Bright, analytical, eager-to-learn, and highly adaptable to new situations. Ability to organize and train others. Almost ten years of managerial and supervisory experience.
Talent for writing and illustrating.

Relevant Work Experience

2002-2008 Database Specialist, PRC (Orlando, FL)
- Took the initiative in streamlining the Quality and Grading processes used on my project
- Created several reports on a daily basis and communicated the resulting data to external clients
- Utilized various Microsoft Office applications to create new training materials
- Created and built Order Entry Log – a spreadsheet program that automated the process of building multiple reports and
enabled Management to track Quality productivity as well Sales Consultants’ accuracy
- Streamlined client reporting by utilizing SQL, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access
- Resolved thousands of Help Desk issues initiated by internal clients while communicating with those internal clients over the phone and through email
- Streamlined all help desk resolution processes
- Cleaned and loaded thousands of client records into internal database
- Was promoted three times during my tenure with this company

1999-2002 Research and Development Manager, IT, Web Genius (Miami, FL)
- Worked within IT department to solve critical problems
- Performed routine server maintenance
- Helped to maintain the internal network
- Helped to train and teach most of the company’s employees regarding overall Internet knowledge and skills required to fulfill their jobs
- Created much of the company’s infrastructure. Helped to streamline production
- Instituted and managed Client Services (phone-based). Trained others in Client Services department
- Educated external clients about company services. Maintained phone and email contact
- Performed troubleshooting and other processes to resolve client issues
- Handled all client calls that had to be escalated due to difficult customer service issues or complicated technical problems
- Helped to train and teach most of the company’s employees regarding overall Internet knowledge and skills required to fulfill their jobs and how to communicate with clients regarding technical aspects of company services
- Created and built Keyword Research dept - a cornerstone of company’s success. Managed and trained others in Keyword Research
- Wrote elaborate spreadsheet program that greatly increased the efficiency of Keyword Research. Close to two million keywords were developed under my supervision
- Increased clients’ presence on the Internet by negotiating with and utilizing pay-per-click search engines such as (now and
- Managed clients’ presence on those search engines
- Managed Client Services department
- Managed Keyword Research department
- Managed Research and Development department
- Managed several outsourced employees
- Managed several contractors
- Researched and ascertained how to achieve top-listings on for clients, which developed into a key service offered by company
- Helped to develop internal software that was integral to the day-to-day company operations
- Wrote ad copy for clients’ Internet listings
- Sought and acquired new software solutions, and thereby increased office efficiency and company profitability
- Was promoted twice during my tenure with this company

1997-1999 Receiving Manager, Wal-Mart (Evansville, IN)
- Managed and organized receiving crew, which facilitated the unloading of several trucks on a nightly basis
- Supervised night grocery stockers
- Organized Paper Goods department so that several months and forty pallets of back stock was worked down to only four pallets in less than a month
- Learned most aspects of grocery and retail business, including merchandising, stocking, rotating stock, unloading and checking merchandise into receiving, maintaining POS system to ensure accurate inventory tracking
- Learned to operate electric pallet jacks, scissor lifts, sit-down forklifts, stand-up forklifts, and walk-behind forklifts
- Was promoted twice during my tenure with this company

Work History

2008-Present Owner/Operator, Johnson Networking Solutions (Orlando, FL)
2002-2008 Database Specialist, PRC (Orlando, FL)
1999-2002 Research and Development Manager, Web Genius (Miami, FL)
1997-1999 Receiving Manager, Wal-Mart, Inc. (Evansville, IN)
1996-1997 Phone Sales Associate, River City Water Treatment Systems (Evansville, IN)
1990-1996 Supervisor, Cleaning Consultants (Jasper, IN)


Windows Desktop Support
MS Excel
MS Access
Creative Writing
Business Writing

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